You know those crazy people who quit their jobs, sell all their stuff, and take off around the world?  We’re two of them.  We’re Joe and Emma, lately of Edinburgh up in Scotland. 

I (Joe) am New York City born and bred, grew up in the Bronx, worked in the city, and chucked it in to study Herbal Medicine across the pond in Glasgow.  Emma grew up in Mid-Wales, went to uni in Swansea and got a degree in Zoology, volunteered for a bit in France, and then went to study Herbal Medicine and work as a Community Development Worker in Glasgow.  Where she met me.  : )  After 4 years of establishing practices as Massage Therapists and Herbalists, it was time to head off to explore the world for a while.

Herbal Medicine, the use of plants as medicines and agents of vitality, has many far-reaching philosophical implications, and for both of us it has been impossible to study plants and our relationships with them without rethinking our lives.  So here we are, four boxes of worldly goods stashed in a garage in Wales, a few more boxes in a closet in New York, and a pair of rucksacks on our backs as we live the examined life.

Joe and Emma